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Call for Steering Committee Members

The Alberta Council on Academic Integrity seeks Steering Committee Members

The Alberta Council on Academic Integrity (ACAI) is a regional academic integrity network founded in 2019. We aim to uphold and elevate academic integrity in our province. The terms of the inaugural steering committee members are ending in 2023, and we are seeking committed individuals to take their place and continue leading ACAI’s initiatives. Steering committee members can work in post-secondary institutions and in K-12 schools across Alberta, and can be from any area within those systems including library, student support, code of conduct, faculty, teaching and learning, and administration. Steering committee members are passionate about academic integrity and about collaborating across the province on all matters related to academic integrity. The steering committee meets about 8 times per year virtually, hosts at least one in-person provincial meeting per year, and champions Alberta Academic Integrity Week every October. Steering committee member terms are 2 years..

Are you interested in joining this steering committee? Please provide an email with an expression of interest to Margaret Toye ( by February 24, 2023. Please share the role you fulfill at your institution and the reasons why you would like to take part in this steering committee.

ACAI also has three working groups on the following topic areas: contract cheating, EDI, and professional (educational) development. If you are interested in joining one of these working groups please also email Margaret Toye and she will connect you to the committee chair.

Margaret Toye, PhD

Associate Dean, Extended Education


Academic Innovation and Extended Education


Author: Sarah Elaine Eaton, Ph.D.

Faculty member, Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary - I am passionate about learning, teaching and ethics.

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